Toastmasters Kent - Supplying Professional Toastmasters. Bring that extra touch of class and magic to your event or special occasion
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Toastmasters Kent is run by John Oakley and Lesley Watson who were trained by two former presidents of the National association of Toastmasters.

Their attention to detail, friendly but respectful style, and ability to take control will ensure that your special event will proceed as smoothly as possible and take away the pressure from you leaving you to enjoy the occasion.

Long before the day your selected Toastmaster will be in touch to go over the details with you, giving advice where appropriate, incorporating your thoughts and ideas into the running order of the event.

Rolls Royce Cars are also available for weddings and special occasions (see photo below).

John Oakley - Professional Toastmaster

Leslie Watson - Professional Toastmaster with Bride and Groom

Rolls Royce
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